10 Safest Cars For Teen Drivers

Written By | Doreen Almirol | 20+ years CA DMV Licensed Driving Instructor

Selecting the right car for a teenage driver involves a delicate balance between safety, reliability, and affordability. As parents, ensuring your teen is behind the wheel of a vehicle that prioritizes safety without breaking the bank is a top priority.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the safest and most economical cars that make perfect choices for teen drivers.

A Winning Combination of Safety and Affordability


safest cars for teen drivers

The Honda Civic has long been celebrated for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and safety features. With a strong reputation for crash-test performance and available advanced driver-assistance systems, the Civic is an excellent choice for parents seeking an economical yet safe option for their teen drivers.

Time-Tested Safety and Efficiency


safest cars for teen drivers

The Toyota Corolla is a mainstay in the compact car segment, known for its durability and fuel efficiency. Recent models are equipped with Toyota Safety Sense, which includes features like pre-collision systems and lane departure alerts. The Corolla strikes a balance between safety and affordability, making it a reliable choice for teen drivers.

Budget-Friendly Safety


safest cars for teen drivers

The Hyundai Elantra is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on safety. With an array of standard safety features and a user-friendly infotainment system, the Elantra is well-suited for teen drivers. Hyundai’s long warranty coverage adds an extra layer of reassurance for parents.

Practical & Stylish


safest cars for teen drivers

The Kia Soul is equipped with robust safety features and consistently earns reliable safety scores. Economically, it’s an affordable choice with low running costs. The Soul’s unique design, spacious interior, and tech-friendly features make it an appealing car for teen drivers who value both style and practicality.

Comprehensively Tested for Safety & Comfort


safest cars for teen drivers

 The Nissan Sentra features solid safety characteristics, bolstered by good outcomes in crash tests. Economically, it’s a smart choice due to its reasonable purchase price and fuel efficiency. The Sentra’s spacious and comfortable interior, coupled with intuitive controls, makes it a practical and user-friendly car for teenagers.

Stytlish & Safe

6 | MAZDA3

safest cars for teen drivers

The Mazda3 combines style with substance, offering an eye-catching design along with advanced safety features. The Mazda3 consistently receives high safety ratings and provides a sporty driving experience. For parents seeking a car that appeals to their teen’s aesthetic preferences without compromising on safety, the Mazda3 is a solid choice.

All-Wheel Drive Assurance


safest cars for teen drivers

For families in regions with inclement weather, the Subaru Impreza offers the added safety of all-wheel drive. Alongside its AWD capability, the Impreza boasts high safety ratings and a reputation for reliability. Teen drivers will appreciate the comfortable ride, and parents will value the safety features packed into this economical package.

Seamless Style & Safety

8 | VOLVO XC40

safest cars for teen drivers

Volvo has long been synonymous with safety, and the XC40 is no exception. This compact SUV combines a stylish design with advanced safety features. The XC40 includes Volvo’s City Safety technology, which can automatically brake and help avoid a collision with other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Practical Sophistication & Tech Appeal


safest cars for teen drivers

The Chevrolet Malibu offers a generous amount of safety features and an expansive interior, making it a highly practical choice for drivers. Its affordable price tag, combined with cutting-edge technology, further elevates its overall appeal. Whether you’re prioritizing safety, comfort, or value, the Chevrolet Malibu delivers on all fronts.

Euro-Chic Safety


safest cars for teen drivers

The Volkswagen Golf boasts high safety scores, particularly noted in rollover tests. It’s not only fuel-efficient but also maintains a strong resale value, making it a wise investment. The Golf’s balanced handling and comfortable interior provide a pleasant driving experience, suitable for both new and experienced teen drivers.

Prioritize your teen's safety on the road!

 Invest in their well-being by choosing a safe car equipped with advanced safety features. From airbags to collision avoidance systems, these vehicles provide an extra layer of protection. Your proactive choice today can make all the difference in their tomorrow. Shop for safety, secure their future.

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