Welcome, PARENTS!

As your teen embarks on the exciting journey of learning to drive, we understand that you play a crucial role in their success. Here’s a comprehensive guide to support you and your teen through the California driver’s license process:

1 | Understanding the Learner’s Permit Phase

 Visit your local DMV

A guide to all the DMV  requirements needed for a Teen to obtain their Learner’s Permit.

2 | Supervised Driving Practice


Parent-Teen Training Guide provided by the California DMV.

3 | Build Responsible Habits


 Teen Driver with License

Parent-Teen Driving Agreement provided by the CDC: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Remember, your involvement significantly contributes to shaping your teen into a safe and responsible driver. Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions or need additional resources. Together, we can ensure your teen’s journey to becoming a licensed driver is both educational and safe.

Parents, gear up for your teen's driving success!

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