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Welcome, Teens!

Are you between 15 and 17-1/2 years old? Come and embark on a journey with Express Driving School, where we guide you through the process of obtaining your learner’s permit, becoming a licensed driver, and beyond. Explore the exciting world of driving and take the first step towards independence and freedom.

1 | Requirements & Restrictions

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Start your journey to becoming a licensed driver with DRIVER EDUCATION.  Read about all the DMV requirements needed for Teens to obtain their Learner’s Permit.

2 | Gather Required Documents

Gather your documents

At the end of Driver Education, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion, one of the required documents for your application. You must also provide proof of identity, legal presence, and California residency.

3 | Apply For Your Driver License/Real ID

Student on Computer

Go to the DMV’s website and complete the online driver license/ID card application for the REAL ID. Be sure to save your confirmation code at the end of your application, the DMV will need it at your office visit.

4 | Make an Appointment & Visit the DMV

Visit your local DMV

Make an appointment for faster service. During the visit, be prepared to show all your documents, pay fees, take a photo, be fingerprinted, and PASS a knowledge test. Once all requirements are met, the DMV will issue a LEARNER’S PERMIT to you!

5 | Validate Your Learner’s Permit

Your driver’s permit is not valid until AFTER you start your first lesson of behind-the-wheel lessons with a DMV licensed driving school, such as Express Driving School. TEENS are required to complete a total of 6hrs of behind-the-wheel training.

6 | Apply For Your Driver License/Real ID

Teen Driver with License

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. All teens are required to have at least 50 hours of practice, 10 hours should be night driving, before taking the drive test. After holding your learner’s permit for at least 6 months, you’re eligible to take the DMV drive test!

Start Your Journey to Driving Success!

Attention teens! Ready to take control of the wheel and start your journey towards a driver’s license? Sign up today for Express Driving School’s convenient online driver education. Enjoy a self-paced learning experience from the comfort of your own space. Let’s make getting your license easy and stress-free—empower yourself on the road with Express Driving School!