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When it comes to driving, properly adjusting the steering wheel is critical but often overlooked, especially for new drivers. Correctly adjusting the steering wheel enhances comfort and ensures better control and safety. This blog post will help you teach your new driver, whether a teen or an adult student, to adjust their steering wheel correctly, focusing on best practices and avoiding common errors.

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Goal: Proper Steering Wheel Adjustment

The main goal is to teach new drivers the correct steering wheel adjustment for optimal control and visibility. Proper adjustment plays a key role in comfort and safety, enabling quick reactions in various driving situations.

Activity: Hands-On Adjustment

  1. Start with a Parked Car: Make sure to park the car in a safe place, like your driveway. This helps the new driver concentrate without traffic stress.
  2. Adjusting the Height: Have your student sit in the driver’s seat and adjust the steering wheel so its top does not exceed their shoulder height. This ensures clear visibility of the dashboard and road without strain.
  3. Finding the Comfortable Position: Encourage them to adjust the steering wheel up and down until they find a comfortable position. The driver should maintain a firm grip on the wheel, ideally at the 9 and 3 o’clock positions, without overstretching or hunching.
  4. Checking Reach and Visibility: Ensure the driver can reach the entire steering wheel comfortably and see the instrument panel clearly.

Common Errors to Correct

  • Obstructed View: Adjusting the steering wheel too high can obstruct the driver’s view of the road or instrument panel.
  • Incorrect Distance: Setting the steering wheel too far or too close can cause discomfort and reduce vehicle control. The driver should reach the wheel comfortably without fully stretching their arms or feeling cramped.

Sign the Learner Understands: Consistent Checking

A clear sign that the new driver understands the importance of steering wheel adjustment is when they consistently check and adjust the steering wheel each time they sit in the driver’s seat. This indicates they are actively considering their comfort and safety before starting the vehicle.

Proper Steering Wheel Adjustment | THE BASICS

Teach new drivers the importance of proper steering wheel adjustment to ensure they become safe and responsible motorists. By focusing on the correct steering wheel position, you enhance their driving comfort and significantly improve their vehicle control. Encourage them to include these checks in their driving routine, emphasizing that safety starts before turning on the engine. Remember, setting a good example in all driving aspects is crucial. Adjust your steering wheel for safety and comfort to encourage them to adopt these practices.

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