Products to Help Avoid Distracted Driving

Written By | Doreen Almirol | 20+ years CA DMV Licensed Driving Instructor


Distracted driving is a significant concern on today’s roads, leading to numerous accidents and fatalities each year. Fortunately, several products available on Amazon can help drivers minimize distractions. In this article, we will explore some of these innovative products that promote safer driving.

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Avoid Distracted Driving with

1 | Hands-Free Phone Mounts

A hands-free phone mount is a simple yet effective tool for minimizing distractions. By securely holding your phone at eye level, these mounts allow you to glance at your GPS without taking your eyes off the road. Look for mounts with sturdy grips and easy adjustability for the best experience.

Avoid Distracted Driving with

2 | Bluetooth Car Kits

If your vehicle doesn’t come with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, a Bluetooth car kit can be a lifesaver. These devices enable you to make hands-free calls and play music from your phone, reducing the temptation to handle your device while driving.

Avoid Distracted Driving with

3 | Steering Wheel Controls

Some products attach to your steering wheel, allowing you to control your phone’s basic functions without removing your hands from the wheel. These controls can manage calls, music, and voice commands, keeping your focus on the road.

Avoid Distracted Driving with

4 | Car Organizers

A cluttered car can be a source of distraction. Car organizers help keep your essentials within easy reach and your cabin neat. Look for organizers with dedicated spots for your gadgets, sunglasses, and other frequently used items.

Avoid Distracted Driving with

5 | Voice-Activated Assistants

Devices like Amazon’s Echo Auto bring Alexa into your car, allowing you to use voice commands for various tasks. You can ask for directions, make calls, or play music, all without taking your hands off the wheel.

Each of these products offers a unique way to reduce distractions and enhance safety on the road. While no gadget can replace attentive driving, these tools can certainly help in maintaining focus and preventing accidents. Remember, safe driving is not just about following the rules; it’s about being proactive in minimizing distractions. Check out these products on Amazon to find the best fit for your needs and drive safely!


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