Drunk Driving and Drugs | A Crucial Conversation with Your Teen

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Navigating the teenage years can be a challenging journey for both parents and their teens, especially when it comes to discussing sensitive topics like alcohol and drug use. However, initiating conversations about the dangers of drunk and drugged driving is not just important—it’s potentially life-saving.

Drunk Driving and Drugs

The Legal Landscape

First and foremost, it’s crucial to remind your teen that underage drinking is illegal in every state, without exception. This law isn’t relaxed when a teen is behind the wheel; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Drunk-driving laws are rigorously enforced, and many states implement zero-tolerance policies. This means that for those under the age of 21, having any trace of alcohol or illegal drugs in their system while driving is strictly prohibited. Law enforcement officers are equipped to test for these substances, ensuring that the laws are upheld.

Stark Statistics

The statistics paint a grim picture. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that teens are disproportionately likely to die in alcohol-related crashes. Despite the legal drinking age being set at 21 across the United States, 19% of drivers aged 15 to 18 involved in fatal crashes in 2021 had been drinking.

Additionally, the influence of drugs—whether illicit, prescribed, or over-the-counter—can severely impair a teen’s driving abilities, underlining the need for open discussions about the dangers of driving under the influence.

Consequences Beyond the Crash

Surviving an impaired driving incident doesn’t mean escaping the consequences. Teens caught driving under the influence can face jail time, loss of their driver’s license, and a plethora of financial penalties including attorney fees, court costs, and increased insurance rates. The repercussions extend beyond the legal and financial; academic eligibility, college acceptance, and scholarship opportunities can also be jeopardized.

How Can You Make a Difference?

    • Educate and Inform: Share information with your teen about the laws regarding underage drinking and drugged driving. Discuss real-life scenarios involving teens who have faced the dire consequences of impaired driving.
    • Set a Firm Rule: Clearly communicate that underage drinking and drug use is unacceptable. Discuss the zero-tolerance laws and the serious implications of driving under the influence.
    • Provide Support: Assure your teen that they can always reach out to you for a safe ride home, no questions asked, if they’re ever in a situation where the driver has been drinking or using drugs.
    • Model Responsible Behavior: As a parent, your actions speak louder than words. Demonstrating responsible alcohol consumption (if you drink) and never driving under the influence yourself sets a powerful example.
Drunk Driving and Drugs

Drunk Driving and Drugs | A Crucial Conversation with Your Teen

Talking to your teen about the risks associated with alcohol and drug use, especially in relation to driving, is a conversation that can’t wait. Establish clear rules, outline the consequences of breaking them, and ensure your teen knows they can always turn to you for support. By taking these steps, you’re not just enforcing the law; you’re protecting your teen’s future.



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