Criminal Driving Offenses in California

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Driving is a privilege carrying significant responsibilities and legal obligations. California upholds strict laws, curated in the California Vehicle Code, to preserve road safety and order. This comprehensive guide explores criminal offenses and license violations that Californian drivers must acknowledge. From negligent operation to driving with a suspended license, we dive into the legal landscape, assisting you in comprehending the repercussions of violating these laws while safeguarding your rights

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Negligent Operator

12810 CVC

Negligent operation entails a pattern of unsafe driving behavior that may result in the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. Grasping the criteria and consequences of being labeled a negligent operator remains pivotal for responsible driving.

Misdemeanor and Felony Violations

42000 CVC

a. Speeding and Reckless Driving (23103 CVC)

Excessive speeding and reckless driving can lead to misdemeanor charges. These violations impact your driving record and legal status.

b. Drunk Driving (23101, 23152, 23153 CVC)

Driving under the influence (DUI) constitutes a grave offense in California. There are various DUI charges, penalties, and the significant responsibility of alcohol consumption.

c. Drug Violations (23105, 23106, 23152, 23153 CVC)

Driving under the influence of drugs is unlawful. There are legal repercussions and ways to avoid drug-related violations.

d. Theft and Malicious Mischief (10851-10853 CVC)

Offenses related to vehicle theft and malicious mischief can result in severe penalties. Understanding the laws can aid in safeguarding your vehicle.

Suspension and Revocation of License by Court Procedure

a. Speeding and Reckless Driving (13200 CVC)

Certain driving violations may lead to court-ordered license suspension. Speeding and reckless driving can trigger this process.

b. Driving While Intoxicated (13352 CVC)

Driving under the influence can result in court-ordered license suspension. There are certainly many legal proceedings in this challenging situation.

c. Speed in Excess of 100 Miles Per Hour (13200.5 CVC)

Excessive speeding can entail serious consequences, including court-ordered license suspension.

d. Revocation Required (13350, 13351, 13355, 13356 CVC)

There are circumstances under which the court may demand the revocation of your driver’s license and steps to regain your driving privileges.

e. Additional Grounds for Suspension (13201, 13361 CVC)

There are different reasons for license suspension, such as failing to appear in court or comply with a traffic citation.

Offenses Against Licensing Laws

a. Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License (14601-42001 CVC)

Driving with a suspended or revoked license is a serious offense. There are legal consequences and potential penalties.

b. Driving by an Unlicensed Minor (12500, 14607 CVC)

Minors driving without a valid license may face legal consequences. 

c. Driving by an Unlicensed Person (12500, 14604, 14607 CVC)

Driving without a valid driver’s license is unlawful. 

d. Misstatement on Driver’s License Application (20 CVC)

Providing false information on your driver’s license application can result in legal issues. 

e. Civil Liability When Signing a Minor’s Application (17700-17710 CVC)

Parents and legal guardians may be held liable for their minor’s actions on the road. There are legal responsibilities and liabilities associated with signing a minor’s application.

Understanding various criminal offenses and license violations that can affect California drivers is crucial for responsible and legal driving. By familiarizing yourself with these laws and their consequences, you can protect your rights, maintain a clean driving record, and ensure road safety for yourself and others. Stay informed, drive responsibly, and steer clear of the legal pitfalls that may arise on California’s roadways.

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