California’s 2024 Driving Laws

Traffic Laws and Regulations


As we enter 2024, drivers in California need to be aware of several new driving laws that have been implemented to enhance road safety, environmental sustainability, and the overall driving experience. These changes are significant and have implications for all road users, from drivers to pedestrians. Here’s a breakdown of the key laws and what they mean for you:

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AB 645

Speed Camera Pilot Program

The Speed Camera Pilot Program, introduced as AB 645 by Assemblymember Friedman, aims to reduce speeding in high-risk areas. This bill authorizes the use of speed cameras in select locations as a pilot program. The intention is to deter speeding, a leading cause of accidents and fatalities on the road.


Increased Safety: By curbing speeding, AB 645 is expected to reduce accident rates, particularly in urban areas where pedestrians and cyclists are at higher risk.
Behavioral Change in Drivers: The presence of speed cameras acts as a deterrent, encouraging drivers to adhere to speed limits.
Potential Controversy: While beneficial for safety, speed cameras may raise privacy concerns and questions about enforcement fairness.

AB 413

Improved Visibility at Crosswalks and Intersections

Authored by Assemblymember Lee, AB 413 focuses on enhancing visibility at crosswalks and intersections. This bill mandates better lighting, clearer signage, and potentially the implementation of advanced technological solutions to make these areas more visible, especially at night.


Pedestrian Safety: Improved visibility significantly lowers the risk of accidents involving pedestrians.
Driver Awareness: Enhanced signs and lighting will increase driver alertness at critical points on the road.
Cost and Implementation: Implementing these measures may require significant investment and planning from local authorities.

SB 55 | AB 641 | AB 1519

Crackdown on Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic converter theft has become a rampant issue, prompting legislative action through bills like SB 55 (Umberg), AB 641 (Fong), and AB 1519 (Bains). These bills aim to make it harder to illegally sell stolen catalytic converters and impose stricter penalties on theft.


Reducing Vehicle-Related Crime: By making it harder to sell stolen converters, these bills aim to reduce theft rates.
Driver Convenience and Cost: Victims of catalytic converter theft face significant repair costs and inconvenience.
Enforcement Challenges: Law enforcement agencies will need resources and strategies to effectively implement these laws.

Let's drive into a safer, greener future together!

The 2024 driving laws in California represent a blend of safety, environmental consciousness, and adaptation to new technologies. As responsible drivers, it’s crucial to stay informed about these changes to ensure compliance and contribute to safer roads for everyone.
Visit the DMV website to read more details about the new driving laws for 2024.