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“The Put On The Brakes” program in San Diego County, is a collaboration between the non-profit organization B.R.A.K.E.S. (Be Responsible and Keep Everyone Safe) and Kia. It is an initiative designed to address the critical need for improved teen driver safety in California. This program presents a unique and impactful approach towards reducing the number of accidents involving young drivers, which remains a significant concern globally.

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The Driving Force Behind Advanced Drivers Training for Teens

The “Put On The Brakes” program, founded by professional drag racing champion Doug Herbert, aims to fill the gaps in traditional driver education. The program was established in memory of Doug’s sons, Jon and James, who tragically lost their lives in a car accident. In collaboration with Kia, the program takes a proactive approach to teen driver safety, offering hands-on training and impactful education to empower young drivers.


The Role of Kia in the Initiative

Kia’s involvement in the “Put On The Brakes” program is a testament to its commitment to community safety and responsibility. By providing vehicles and financial support, Kia has played a pivotal role in expanding the reach and impact of the program. This partnership reflects a shared vision of creating safer roads for everyone.


What the “Put On The Brakes” Offers

Advanced Driver Training with Kia Vehicles:

  • The collaboration with Kia provides participants with the opportunity to undergo advanced driver training using Kia vehicles.
  • Kia’s commitment to safety and innovation aligns seamlessly with the program’s mission to instill responsible driving habits.

Access to Modern Safety Features:

  • Kia vehicles are equipped with modern safety features, and the collaboration ensures that teens receive training on utilizing and understanding these features effectively.
  • Participants gain insights into technologies like collision avoidance systems, lane departure warnings, and emergency braking.

Real-World Experience:

  • Kia’s involvement allows teens to experience real-world driving scenarios in a controlled environment.
  • The program, utilizing Kia vehicles, offers practical insights into emergency maneuvers, skid control, and defensive driving techniques.

Focus on Confidence and Comfort:

  • Kia’s commitment to creating comfortable and confidence-inspiring vehicles aligns with the program’s goal of building confidence in young drivers.
  • The collaboration emphasizes the importance of feeling secure and at ease behind the wheel.


Benefits of Advanced Drivers Training for Teens

Hands-On Training with Kia Vehicles:

  • Teens benefit from hands-on training with Kia vehicles, gaining familiarity with the controls, handling, and safety features of modern automobiles.
  • The experience fosters a sense of comfort and competence in handling different driving situations.

Practical Knowledge of Safety Technologies:

  • Participants gain practical knowledge about the safety technologies integrated into Kia vehicles, enhancing their overall understanding of vehicle safety.
  • This knowledge is transferable to any modern vehicle, contributing to a safer driving culture.

Enhanced Emergency Response Skills:

  • The program, in collaboration with Kia, focuses on enhancing teens’ emergency response skills.
  • Participants learn how to react effectively in crisis situations, including sudden obstacles, skidding, and loss of control.

Prevention of Distracted Driving:

  • The collaboration emphasizes the importance of avoiding distractions while driving, aligning with Kia’s commitment to road safety.
  • Teens learn about the dangers of distracted driving and how to maintain focus on the road.

Building a Culture of Responsible Driving:

  • The combined efforts of the “Put On The Brakes” program and Kia contribute to building a culture of responsible driving among teens.
  • Graduates of the program are not only equipped with driving skills but are also advocates for safe and responsible road behavior.

The collaboration between the “Put On The Brakes” program and Kia represents a significant stride towards empowering the next generation of safe drivers. By combining advanced driver training with the innovation and commitment to safety demonstrated by Kia, teens are given the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the roads responsibly. As we witness the evolution of driver education, this partnership stands as a testament to the shared dedication to enhancing road safety and instilling lifelong safe driving habits in the drivers of tomorrow. Through programs like “Put On The Brakes” and collaborations with industry leaders like Kia, we pave the way for a future where teen drivers are not only well-trained but are also champions of road safety.

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