The Importance of Driver Education

DRiver EducATION

Learn the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, and ATTITUDES needed to become a safe driver and pedestrian.

The Savings of Driver Education

The main purpose of driver education is to help you learn the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for greater safety, both, as a driver and as a pedestrian.  Driver education can also lower your chances of being involved in costly, injurious, and sometimes, deadly collisions.   It also reduces the costs of law enforcement, property replacement, and results in a much more pleasant driving environment.

Driver’s education programs are designed to teach teen drivers the rules of the road and to help them become safe drivers so they can acquire the necessary driving skills to prepare for and pass the road driving test and, ultimately, obtain a driver’s license. Formal driver education programs exist in almost every jurisdiction in the United States. These programs generally mirror states’ specific driving requirements, which assure novice drivers are being taught information relevant to state requirements. The graduated driver licensing (GDL) system, which identifies driver education as an important component, gives novice drivers experience under adult supervision and protection by gradually introducing the novice driver to more complex driving situations. In fact, multiple studies report that GDL systems reduce the number of teen crashes.