Common Courtesy is Key to Safety

Drive with Courtesy

THE GOLDEN RULE of driving is to treat other drivers the way you want to be treated.

Sharing the Road

You must drive or ride at all times with due care and attention, with reasonable consideration for other road users, and while exercising courtesy and common sense. We must all safely share the road together.

For drivers, sharing the road begins with the understanding that bicyclists and motorcyclists have the same rights as you. They also face unique safety challenges, such as being smaller and less visible. Look for cyclists where vehicles do not appear, like before making a left-hand turn at an intersection. Also, be aware that motorcyclists may have to downshift and weave to avoid bumps and road hazards.

 Pedestrians have rights on the road, too. Always slow down and be prepared to yield to pedestrians when they’re in a crosswalk. Never pass vehicles stopped at a crosswalk, as there may be people crossing whom you can’t see. And, be extra cautious when backing up across sidewalks or in parking lots.

As a licensed driver, you will have the responsibility to avoid collisions and, where necessary, to give way to other vehicles and pedestrians. The law does not give anyone indisputable ‘right of way’. Even when you feel that you have right of way, you must still make sure the other driver or pedestrian is going to give way before proceeding because the other driver or pedestrian may be unaware of your approach.

The traffic laws and rules of the road cannot address all possible driving situations.  If you remember to be courteous, you can help avoid collisions and keep traffic moving in an orderly fashion.